Student Handbook

Responsibility. Respect. Integrity. Compassion. Courage.


Our student handbook explains how these core values shape the Northwood community.


Our Community


At Northwood, we hold each other accountable. We recognize every individual’s worth. We observe a shared moral code. We extend a helping hand to those in need, and approach challenges with confidence. These values define our school.


Anchored by our Lake Placid campus, Northwood’s students, faculty, staff, family, and friends form a community that extends across many borders and cultures. We all work together toward a common goal; to support students in their academic pursuits, individual self-expression, and development of practical skills. Our student handbook explains how our shared values and ethics are expressed in daily life, academics, and behavior. This creates a common standard that is upheld by all members of the Northwood community. 


Your Guide


More than just a list of rules, our student handbook also helps students feel at home as they transition to campus life. It provides a detailed explanation on the advisor selection process, a clear description of how dish crew operates, and what to expect with regards to cell phones, motor vehicles, and the library. Questions about academic programs, athletic options, and co-curricular requirements? Many of those questions are answered here too. Northwood’s student handbook helps students, parents, and staff understand how our community operates.

Look here for more information regarding:


  • Emergency numbers & staff contacts

  • What to bring to boarding school

  • Dress code and appearance expectations

  • A guide to Northwood’s honor system

  • Information regarding independent study projects

The student handbook defines Northwood’s values and clarifies our expectations for each student and their family. We welcome questions and discussion on the subjects covered in the handbook as we continue to build and strengthen our community.


2021.2022 Northwood School Student Handbook.pdf